The PROBLEM - Physical and verbal altercations on campus

A middle school student harassed and picked on another student on campus. Not only did he
sling verbal assaults but he threatened physical violence too. The student who was the focus of
the unwanted attention was unsure how to handle the situation.

The SOLUTION - BullyStop 360 training

The targeted student began to master the trained skills of both neutral and assertive language
to diffuse the situation while their school recently implemented their BullyStop 360 program.

The RESULTS - A simple solution for schools to implement

Even though the targeted student applied the trained skills in the initial confrontation, the
aggressor later physically attacked him. However since the student used his loud voice
directing the bully away from him, nearby staff heard and saw the altercation as it began and
were able to bring the confrontation to an end immediately. Ultimately since the staff was aware
the target used the trained skills to avoid the altercation, the intended victim was returned to
their classroom and the other student was suspended. Prior to their BullyStop 360
implementation, most likely both students would have been removed from the campus, instead
of just the aggressor.