The PROBLEM - MIddle school girls picking on a female student

A young female middle school student was constantly the target of verbal abuse from older girls
at her school. The girls used a pack mentality to make the young student cry and feel bad
about herself by using derogatory comments.

The SOLUTION - BullyStop 360 Neutral Language

The student’s parents heard about the success of BullyStop 360 trained to her to use the neutral
language to deflect the unwanted verbal assaults. After a short while she had mastered the
neutral language and was able to deflect the abuse.

The RESULTS - Increased confidence and lifetime skills

This student did an exceptional job both using and understanding the concepts and value of
using the trained neutral language. In no time at all, she was able to handle anything said to
her. As a high school student she is better equipped to deal with any verbal assaults plaguing
so many of her classmates.