The PROBLEM - Constant victimization from middle school to high school

A young man endured years of continued bullying from another student.The verbal assaults
followed the student from middle to high school. And since his school hadn’t deployed Bullystop
360, nothing the student tried to stop the assaults resulted in his increased absenteeism.

The SOLUTION - Neutral language of BullyStop 360

The young man’s mother, having heard about the success another student had using the verbal
skills taught by the founder of BullyStop 360, called him for advice. This 20 minute phone call
focused on developing confidence by training the young man on the core techniques of
BullyStop 360.

The RESULTS - 1 phone call solved years of abuse

The following day the young student went to school anticipating the verbal bullying tormenting
him on a daily basis. But now he was prepared with the BullyStop 360 techniques, and knew
exactly what to do and say. As soon as the bully began his tirade, the young man reacted with
the newly trained default response, until the bully ceased their assault. Years of verbal bullying
ended as the result of a single private training lesson, over the phone.