Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between ‘teaching’ bullying prevention and ‘training’ it?

The major difference between 'teaching it' and 'training it', is 'teaching it' refers to telling the students, a couple of times a year, about empathy and why the students should get along. As this information is important to teach the students, it doesn't equip them with a method to carry out that information. Whereas 'training it' refers to providing the students with simple, concrete techniques to use in an actual bullying event. 'Training it' includes repetitively practicing their default responses and actions, in the event of a crisis. By achieving these daily, 1-minute mini lessons in class, trains the students to find and ultimately use their voice, when challanged.

What if I need the program in a different language?

Currently, the program is offered in English and Spanish. As English is the default ordered program, please email us at with all other language requests, including Spanish.

How much time does a teacher need to spend on this progam per week?

If a teacher is spending more than 5-10 mins per week, more specifically 1-2 mins per day, we believe the message will not be effectivlely received and utilized, when the student is challenged.

How does the program integrate with my School District's systems of support initiatives?

Please review the "School Support" section of the website. It references PBIS, MTSS, and Tiered Intervention as systems of support.

How does the BullyStop 360 program work?

Please reference the "Product" page on the website. If you require further information than displayed on the website, feel free and contact us with your comment or questions.

Does the BullyStop 360 program offer any online supporting curriculum?

YES - As a Member on our website, you'll not only be able to offer your students a complimentary online course, but there are many other supporting Tips and Tricks, submitted from other academics using the program as well as any program updates from the BullyStop 360 team.