The PROBLEM - An eight year old student being verbally picked on

A young student was being called names and continually picked on by an older student. He
came home upset on a regular basis. Most days the student didn’t want to go to school and
complained to his parents about stomach aches.

The SOLUTION - Default response using trained Neutral Language

The young man was trained to use the neutral language of BullyStop 360 as a way to deflect the
verbal assaults. Over time he became confident enough to put it into use. The other student
continued to say mean things and each time the student responded with the same calm
response. The other student had no response, walking away in frustration.

The RESULTS - A lasting friendship

Because of BullyStop 360 the young student became strong and confident , which earned the
respect of the former bully. This incident occurred more than eight years ago and the two
students have maintained their friendship ever since.