Student Online Course

To enhance your experience, your instructor has included this BullyStop 360​™ Student Online Course.  This complementary online course provides additional background knowledge and support to further your understanding of anti-bullying techniques, as well as how you can effectively use the program.

This course was designed to help you learn key anti-bullying concepts and techniques.  After you complete each section there will be a short quiz.  Finally, once you have completed the coursework and quizzes, there is a comprehensive final exam.  Upon completion of the final exam with a 100%, you will receive a BullyStop 360​™ Certificate of Completion. 

The BullyStop 360​™ Student Online Course was created to make students, like yourself, feel safer and more confident.  BullyStop 360​™ prepares and trains you to establish a default automatic response, comprised of both your actions and voice using common language.  BullyStop 360​™ wants you in control to deal with conflict and bullies.